Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Last week was spring break. I didn't have a break, but the WPU wasn't open during non-business hours, so no show.

I just realized that I've had four different show titles.

  • Fall 2004: The Post-Jazz Odyssey, when my show was after Zack's jazz show. This name came from the song "Jazz Odyssey" on an Audio Adrenaline album. The phrase "Jazz Odyssey" is more famous for other reasons, but I forget what they are.
  • Spring 2005: The Corpselike Sleep of Stupidity, because the show was no longer post-jazz. This name came from the title of a Guided By Voices rarities mix tape that someone made around 1998 or so. I don't know where he came up with the name.
  • Fall 2005: The Eighties at Nine.
  • Spring 2006: The Eighties at Seven.

Who knows what will come next? The Eighties at Nine again? Perhaps The Eighties at Eight? Oh, the ambiguity.


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